How Do Role Models Influence Development? A Case for the Power of Stories

If you want to learn about the positive impact of role models, there are behavioural studies galore to keep your mind fully satiated. Role models are people we as individuals can look to as sources of inspiration. They mobilize us to strive for success, to become the people we dream to be, to stand tall against the tides of struggle.

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How Western Aid Satire is Changing Perceptions of Development

There is a movement happening in the underbelly of the development world, a movement that’s changing perceptions of development. We are leaving behind the world of pity campaigns. The guilt-saturated pleas for donations sprinkled with images of children in rural villages with bloated bellies and flies swarming their faces. Those awful Christmas songs meant to tug at our heartstrings to donate to charity this holiday season.

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5 Documentaries about Global Development Every Student Should See

As humans, we thirst for knowledge and a greater understanding of the world around us. As overworked students, exams, final papers, and that toppling pile of readings keeps that thirst quenched, but can be monotonous at the best of times.

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