New Rulers of the World: John Pilger's Documentary on Globalization 

Seventeen years after the documentary was released, The New Rulers of the World asks questions about globalization still relevant today. 

In 2001, journalist John Pilger released a documentary on globalization that shed light on its history and nature. Posing a critical perspective of the global political economy, Pilger places himself in what is termed as a 'revolutionist' school of thought within the field of International Relations (IR). Such revolutionists, like Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, hold to the belief that politics and economy are inherently connected, and that the current world order of capitalism is an exploitative mechanism of the upper classes.

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What's Happening to Corals and Why you Should Care

We are witnessing the death of the single largest living organism on earth.” - Chasing Coral

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Documentary Spotlight: The Visual Journey of Forced Migration in 'Human Flow'

Ai Weiwei's new documentary tackles forced migration with lots of artistry, and a reminder of what it means to be human. 

Swooping overhead shots of mass migration movements, over land or by sea, serve as some of the most visually striking elements of Ai Weiwei’s ambitious film on forced displacement Human Flow. The focus of this imagery is in the physical, human element of migration: quite literally the flow of humans. The sheer scale of refugee migration is often lost upon us; these scenes of mass movement from a birds eye view elicit a soft surrealism. 

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Influencing the Right Way: How this Instagram Challenged a Continent of Stereotypes

 A child, a swollen belly and a swarm of flies. Malnourished and in need of help.

A land of dense jungles, vast savannahs, and straw thatched huts.

An overpopulated city, rife with corruption. A slum. A dollar a day.

These are the narratives of ‘Africa’ as adopted by most mainstream media, particularly in the West. It’s a one-sided, over-used, and much outdated approach. And the world is starting to realise that.

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