Day 7: Tekera's Sports Day!


Today we returned to the Tekera Resource Centre (TRC), where they were hosting their annual sports day. Their sports day was mainly track and field events, in which we helped the staff at the TRC keep track of the points and positions of each team.

It was so amazing to be included in sports day with the entire TRC community and see their team spirit. All of the children compete very competitively and all of them were very athletic. The children's enthusiasm and cheering from the side lines continued throughout the day.
It was amazing to see many of the children running barefoot for up to 8 laps at a time, as this is not something that is a cultural norm to us. I was also very shocked to see that the children were not drinking water or staying hydrated. Alternatively, after competing in their events the children were given handfuls of sugar in order to keep their energy levels up.
The sports day really brought the entire community together. It was so incredible to make genuine connections with the kids and see many of their parents cheering them on. As a group we were very welcomed into the community at the TRC.
We also got the opportunity to see the gardens at the TRC, including their pineapple garden. The pineapple garden was not on the same property as the TRC but Pauline, the farm manager for the TRC, was very friendly and took us to the property where they are grown. She was very knowledgeable and passionate about her work as she has worked very hard to create a sustainable and efficient farm.
Overall our trip so far has been extremely eye opening and I have gained so much insight through our experiences. The culture here is so rich and incredibly unique, everyone is so welcoming and kind.
Visiting the various different organizations that all focus on development in diverse ways has been very eye opening and has let me come to the realization that there is not just one solution to sustainable development but there are many that are all brilliant in their own ways. I'm excited to see what new knowledge the days ahead of us will bring.
Lucy Turner , West Vancouver Secondary School

March 23, 2016

Photos by Ghazal Habib, Insight Program Director

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