How to Guide: Managing and Training Interns

If you're an organization that has recently decided to bring on an intern to your team, you may have some questions about how to go about managing and training interns as effectively as you can. 

Internships are intended to provide meaningful learning experiences for the intern early on in his or her career, while also addressing capacity gaps in your organization. However, how can you ensure that your organization as well as your intern are getting the most out of the experience?

We’ve included a few tips and general information for welcoming and engaging interns:

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Why Insight is Different: an Alternative to Voluntourism for High School Students

Many student travel providers offer programs for high school students based on a “voluntourism” model. Voluntourism is a system in which volunteering and tourism are combined to create a vacation-like experience under the visage of meaningful work. There are a lot of negative aspects to the concept of voluntourism, and you can learn about our concerns with these programs in another blog post here.

If, like us, you are interested in global change but you share the same concerns about this "voluntourism" model, our program was created for you.

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The Best Places to Travel with High School Students

So you've finally made the decision to travel with your students, but not sure where to go? This blog post was created to help you choose a location that will be a perfect fit for both you and your students. From the key themes addressed to the must-do activities, we have provided a comparison of the 5 unique program locations that we offer below.

We hope this post challenges you to think about what you want students to get out of this lifechanging experience! Here are the best places to travel with high school students.

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How Can You Use Social Media for Social Good?

When you think about social media and your students, I'm guessing most of you probably lean towards the negative. Social media has caught a lot of flack in the media lately for the harm that it's doing to teens. There's no denying that students are using social media in the classroom and that it can be linked to distraction, misinformation (fake news anyone?) and at the extreme, bullying and harassment.

However, social media can also be a really positive tool in the classroom and an effective way of getting your students to become more educated about the world and to begin enacting change in their communities. Since social media isn't going to go away, we might as well start teaching students to use it for good!

How can you use social media for social good? Here's 5 ways that you can get students thinking about how they can use social media in a different way! 

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The Advantages of Traveling With Your Students

Taking students abroad is a lot of work. You have to become the temporary parents and guardians of hormone crazed teenagers in a foreign country, and essentially  keep them alive and happy for the duration of the trip. After adding in pressure from school boards and parents as well as all the fundraising you have to do, I don't blame any of you for being hesitant to take on the responsibility.

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Resources for Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom


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Educational Resources for Social Justice

Social justice can be an intimidating subject in the classroom. You might be worried about how to approach sensitive or controversial topics with your students, or you might be struggling with what social justice even is! To try and alleviate some of the fears about introducing social justice topics in the classroom, we've compiled a list of some of the best educational resources about social activism in the form of websites, books and videos.

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