Why Insight is Different: an Alternative to Voluntourism for High School Students

Many student travel providers offer programs for high school students based on a “voluntourism” model. Voluntourism is a system in which volunteering and tourism are combined to create a vacation-like experience under the visage of meaningful work. There are a lot of negative aspects to the concept of voluntourism, and you can learn about our concerns with these programs in another blog post here.

If, like us, you are interested in global change but you share the same concerns about this "voluntourism" model, our program was created for you.

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Best Restaurants in Kampala for Foodies

As someone whose job is to welcome students to the beautiful city of Kampala, Uganda in the heart of East Africa, I’ve noticed one common shock that newcomers experience when adjusting to life here: most people are surprised that there is so much amazing food!

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Five Types of People you Meet Studying Abroad

During a study and intern semester abroad, meeting new people will be unavoidable. Going to a different part of the world in more than just a tourist capacity will enable you to really learn what it’s like to live in another country- and that means making some personal connections along the way as well.

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How to Settle into a New Workplace in Uganda

After years of being shaped by Western expectations of the workplace, working in an East African office can seem jarring by comparison. That isn’t to say there aren’t exceptions but it’s likely you’ll face these differences in other aspects of your daily life in East Africa.

With that said, the focus of this article isn’t about ‘coping’ with or changing the way things are. Rather, it’s important to gain an understanding of context, to challenge our own views, and to learn from the experience.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Intern Abroad

In today’s competitive job market, experience is almost required to land a position in any field nowadays (apart from an academic degree). With an increase in unemployment for recent graduates, students should take on the opportunity to intern during their studies. Keep reading to find out 6 reasons why you should intern abroad!

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How to Get Around in Kampala

Kampala is a bustling city of never ending movement. At first, traffic hour in Kampala can seem like an chaotic swirl of people, cars, and motorcycles. But the more acquainted you get with the roads of Kampala, the more you will be able to see the harmonious pattern to the traffic here, reavealing a paradoxical system of organized chaos.   

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How to Handle Culture Shock

So, you arrive in a new country and everything feels completely different. At first this is extremely exciting – the possibility of meeting new friends, trying new food, traveling, and learning. But over some time things start to feel different and you find that the initial euphoria is starting to wear off. You even feel a bit agitated and isolated, maybe a bit homesick. What happened to your original state of excitement and comfort?! Two words: Culture Shock.

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5 Reasons Why Students From Developing Countries Should Return on Exchange

As an International student from Nigeria that has lived in Canada for about 7 years, the idea of going on an exchange to another developing country seemed somewhat unnecessary to me. 

This feeling is probably what many immigrant students feel when the notion of interning or studying abroad comes up, especially to developing countries that are similar to your place of birth. 

However, returning back to the developing world, to a developing country different from your home, could be a way to connect back to people, traditions, and customs that are similar to yours.

With an internship, or study abroad semester, you have the ability to go back to the region to remember what it is like to live there again. 

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10 Podcasts Every International Development Student Should Listen To

Podcasts are a great way to learn about new information and trends within topics of International Development. Here is a list of the top ten to check out:

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