How Travel Changes you, According to Science

If I were to sit you down to speak about the benefits of travel, we’d be sitting for so long that birds would be nesting in our hair. Scour the internet and you’ll find a myriad of anecdotal travel tales of life-changing experiences. Great writers like Mark Twain, D.H Lawrence, and Marcel Proust (to name a few) wrote passionately about the necessity of travel.

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The Ethics of Posting Photos of Poverty

In a society dominated by online social feeds, we are constantly exposed to images of travel, whether they're from our friends, online celebrities, or campaigns. As travellers with the means to share our journey with just a click of a button, it’s natural we would want to share images with our family, friends, and the wider online community. However, the issue explored through this blog is when certain photos have the potential to be harmful and exploitative – specifically when photos are taken of vulnerable populations.

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Travel Hacks: Packing Tips for a Semester Abroad

When beginning to pack for your semester abroad, you may start to wonder how on earth you're going to fit all your stuff into a suitcase. It's so easy to over or under pack when you're not sure what you should bring.

As someone who had an extremely bad habit of over packing, I have outlined some important packing tips for a semester abroad! 

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4 Things Students From Developing Countries Should Know When Going on Exchange

As an international student from Nigeria, there are so many things I wish I knew before embarking on my internship journey to Accra, Ghana. From understanding the importance of managing expectations to preparing for culture shock, I learned a lot about what it means to return to a developing country on exchange after living somewhere else for so long.

So, if you're planning to go on an exchange to a region in the Global South, read on to find out the 4 things students from developing countries should know when going on exchange!

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What is Cultural Immersion?

If you’ve been shopping around for the right study abroad program, you’ve probably come across the term ‘cultural immersion’ once or twice. Or fifty. It might even become one of those terms that’s been repeated to you often enough that it has completely lost all meaning to you. This article will help guide you through the question most likely floating around in your head: what is cultural immersion?

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How to Celebrate Holidays from Abroad: Expat Edition

Being away from your loved ones during the holiday season can be tough, and it can be especially difficult when you are studying or working abroad in a totally new culture and environment.

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Homesickness While Studying Abroad

Homesickness is different for every traveller. Some experience it the moment that they leave home, while for others it sneaks up after the initial high of their new destination has begun to wear off. Most students embarking on a study or work abroad program will experience homesickness at some point during their adventures, and it is important to remember that this is perfectly normal and manageable. This article shares some tips and coping mechanisms to help you battle homesickness while studying abroad.

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Getting into Grad School

Graduate school is becoming an increasingly popular path for students finishing their undergrad. More than ever, higher-level jobs require a minimum of a Masters degree in order to be considered for the position. Getting into grad school can be daunting, but don't worry- below is a list of suggestions to consider if you are planning on applying to grad school.

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Why You Should Study in Fiji

Fiji is a small exotic country with growing academic and tourist attention. It has an assortment of beaches and loads of fun activities to do across the island. If you enjoy the tropical outdoors, and are looking to study abroad, Fiji may be the perfect fit for you!

If you need any more persuation (though the beach-lovers amongst you probably don't), we've compiled a list of compelling reasons why you should study in Fiji:

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How to Settle into a New Workplace in Uganda

After years of being shaped by Western expectations of the workplace, working in an East African office can seem jarring by comparison. That isn’t to say there aren’t exceptions but it’s likely you’ll face these differences in other aspects of your daily life in East Africa.

With that said, the focus of this article isn’t about ‘coping’ with or changing the way things are. Rather, it’s important to gain an understanding of context, to challenge our own views, and to learn from the experience.

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