How to Take Care of Yourself while Studying Abroad

The steps towards planning a study abroad trip can seem fairly straightforward at first: getting documents ready, packing, buying plane tickets, and all that seemingly-easy-yet-horribly-stressful stuff.

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What to do Before Studying Abroad

You’ve waited in anticipation, and now you’ve finally heard back that you’ve been accepted into that semester abroad program you’ve been wanting so bad. Congratulations!

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Challenges of an Internship Abroad (and How to Overcome Them)

Often it may seem like just landing an international internship is the hardest part of the job done. From there, surely it will be smooth sailing into a fulfilling internship that meets all of your expectations… right?

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How to Travel East Africa on a Budget

While life in East Africa is considerably cheaper than in North America or Europe, many travellers find it becomes easy to change their normal spending habits to take advantage of low prices, and go over their budget as a result. Cheaper food can translate to more frequent meals out, affordable transport may overtake your usual walking habits, and being in an exciting and beautiful new region encourages travel opportunities that can collectively take a hit on your bank account. If you are a budget conscious traveller, here are some helpful tips on how to travel East Africa on a budget!


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5 Questions to Ask Before Volunteering Abroad

As a university student it’s easy to fall into routines. Sometimes, it can feel like your life is a cycle of studying, exams, and lectures. So, naturally, when the prospect of volunteering abroad presents itself as an opportunity, jumping right into any oversea volunteer position can become a sort of knee-jerk reaction.

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The Best Places to Travel with High School Students

So you've finally made the decision to travel with your students, but not sure where to go? This blog post was created to help you choose a location that will be a perfect fit for both you and your students. From the key themes addressed to the must-do activities, we have provided a comparison of the 5 unique program locations that we offer below.

We hope this post challenges you to think about what you want students to get out of this lifechanging experience! Here are the best places to travel with high school students.

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How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock

We’re all familiar with the concept of culture shock. In the face of the unfamiliar, our pre-disposed values, perceptions, and ways of life are challenged. How we choose to deal with the uncomfortable feelings of culture shock can inherently change the way we view the world. But for those of us who go beyond the surface of travel, and involve ourselves deeply in a new and unfamiliar place, there inevitably comes the day when we return home.

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How To Afford Travel As A Student

Spending time abroad is perhaps the most important thing you can do during your academic career. One of the saddest things I see is students who want to do it so badly, yet let financial constraints stop them. 

It's never the money, it's always the commitment. We're always committed to something. What matters is what we're committed to. I've seen students who were $5000 away, and who started with no idea of how they would raise the money, come up with the money because they were committed to finding a solution. I've also seen students who were literally less than $1000 away from coming up with what they need, give up, because they were committed to seeing the obstacles.

I've written this guide on how to afford travel as a student to help students to find ways to get themselves abroad before they graduate.

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How to Pack for your Internship Abroad

 Alright, so you’ve landed that dream internship abroad that you’ve been wanting for ages. You’ve told all your friends, family, and strangers sitting next to you on the bus. That initial excitement is starting to wear off, and is slowly being replaced by a slight panic. Now what?

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