How Travel Changes you, According to Science

If I were to sit you down to speak about the benefits of travel, we’d be sitting for so long that birds would be nesting in our hair. Scour the internet and you’ll find a myriad of anecdotal travel tales of life-changing experiences. Great writers like Mark Twain, D.H Lawrence, and Marcel Proust (to name a few) wrote passionately about the necessity of travel.

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Influencing the Right Way: How this Instagram Challenged a Continent of Stereotypes

 A child, a swollen belly and a swarm of flies. Malnourished and in need of help.

A land of dense jungles, vast savannahs, and straw thatched huts.

An overpopulated city, rife with corruption. A slum. A dollar a day.

These are the narratives of ‘Africa’ as adopted by most mainstream media, particularly in the West. It’s a one-sided, over-used, and much outdated approach. And the world is starting to realise that.

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The Ethics of Posting Photos of Poverty

In a society dominated by online social feeds, we are constantly exposed to images of travel, whether they're from our friends, online celebrities, or campaigns. As travellers with the means to share our journey with just a click of a button, it’s natural we would want to share images with our family, friends, and the wider online community. However, the issue explored through this blog is when certain photos have the potential to be harmful and exploitative – specifically when photos are taken of vulnerable populations.

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Where to Stay in Lake Bunyonyi

So you've done your research on the top getaways from Kampala and you've fallen in love with Lake Bunyonyi. We don't blame you. The lush green scenery, the calm swimmable waters, and the prospect of exploring all of its islands are all simply too good to pass up on. 

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A Weekend Getaway from Kampala: Lake Bunyonyi

After only an 8-hour bus ride from the bustling and energetic city of Kampala, you'll find yourself in another world. Located in the South West corner of Uganda, one could make the case that Lake Bunyonyi should be considered one of the natural wonders of the world.

Given its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque landscapes, we recommend you put this destination at the top of your travel to-do’s. Therefore, we’ve decided to put together a Lake Bunyonyi guide to make sure you get the most out of this adventure.

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5 Things to Do in Zanzibar

Thoughts of the little island of Zanzibar often evoke images of long stretches of untainted white sand beaches and light blue waters. Not to mention blazing orange sunsets, fresh seafood cooked in East African spices, and cold beers on the beach. Hailed alongside the likes of some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, like the Maldives, Zanzibar is a renowned world destination and a beach-lover's paradise.

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Best Restaurants in Kampala for Foodies

As someone whose job is to welcome students to the beautiful city of Kampala, Uganda in the heart of East Africa, I’ve noticed one common shock that newcomers experience when adjusting to life here: most people are surprised that there is so much amazing food!

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Five Types of People you Meet Studying Abroad

During a study and intern semester abroad, meeting new people will be unavoidable. Going to a different part of the world in more than just a tourist capacity will enable you to really learn what it’s like to live in another country- and that means making some personal connections along the way as well.

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How to Get Around in Kampala

Kampala is a bustling city of never ending movement. At first, traffic hour in Kampala can seem like an chaotic swirl of people, cars, and motorcycles. But the more acquainted you get with the roads of Kampala, the more you will be able to see the harmonious pattern to the traffic here, reavealing a paradoxical system of organized chaos.   

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How to Handle Culture Shock

So, you arrive in a new country and everything feels completely different. At first this is extremely exciting – the possibility of meeting new friends, trying new food, traveling, and learning. But over some time things start to feel different and you find that the initial euphoria is starting to wear off. You even feel a bit agitated and isolated, maybe a bit homesick. What happened to your original state of excitement and comfort?! Two words: Culture Shock.

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