Day 8: The Devil's Cauldron

We woke and went downstairs for breakfast. After thinking we were going for our hike, we briefly stopped at one of the cable car canyon crossings. Thinking we were just stopping to look around, we found out that we were actually going on the cable car that went from cliff to cliff right by the waterfall.

Being scared of heights this wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do, but it was beautiful, and the waterfall on the other side was great. With my legs shaking I almost didn’t do it but I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up and I’m glad I didn’t. Once we boarded, I realized it was extremely safe, and once we got moving I wasn’t worried anymore!


On the road again for about 20 minutes we went to the Devils Cauldron where we did about a 20-30-minute hike downwards where we could hear the waterfall. When we got to the waterfall we saw how massive it was. We all got soaking wet from the mist. We crawled through these walkways so we could get an even better view and even closer. After we crawled back down we went over to a bridge where we saw that the waterfall led into 2 separate waterfalls. Then continued back up another 30-40 minute back up to our bus.

Going back to our hotel we did a little detour and drove for what felt like 40 minutes to a treehouse with the most amazing view and we tried to see the erupting volcano but unfortunately it was too cloudy to see. There were these swings attached to the trees where it went over the cliff (you were strapped in) almost everyone did it and loved it. With a bunch of other little activities to do we only had a limited time and tried to get as much in as we could.


Back to our hotel, we had 5 minutes before we went to lunch, then we were going to walk through the town but unfortunately it started raining so we went back to the hotel. We had an hour before the students and Craig met for our group discussion where we found out the average yearly income is around $400.

After an hour we all went for dinner at the Bamboo Steakhouse where just after we had finished eating and about to leave a band came into the restaurant and started playing music for everyone while they were eating. Everyone loved it.

Jamie Wiley, Westview Secondary

Next up is Day 9: Quilotoa Crater.

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