Day 4: Floating Down a River


Our first full day in Sinchi Warmi has been anything but usual. Waking up to the sounds of the Amazon made me feel well-rested and awake, even at 5 in the morning. Soon after eating breakfast and enjoying the best papaya my tastebuds will ever experience, we quickly packedour raincoats and cameras and took off to canoe and fish around. Unfortunately, no fish were caught, but, I had the pleasure of being mesmerized by my first sight of wild monkeys & species of birds I may never remember the names of.


After lunch, I had my first experience tubing down a river, a very large, jungle-surrounded river called Misahualli. Nerves were high, but the second I touched the water I couldn’t stop smiling. The waves made me feel invincible and the forest made me feel comfortable. At the end of our ride down the river, we stopped at a city-like environment where we were welcomed by 3 small city-accustomed monkeys- 2 of which hung onto me like a tree, in hopes I had more lychee fruit to feed. The joy I felt in that moment was indescribable.

This day has been something I’ve dreamed before, something you’d see on Facebook and never imagine you’d really be experiencing it, especially with the relaxation and knowledge that comes with it. It’s allowed me to reflect so much on the differences in communities, mentally & physically. I’ve reflected on myself and all the things I’ve stressed about which have no worth, and taken note of how privileged I am at home, and how I should prioritize those privileges. I am so far, indescribably thankful for this trip.

- Aida Abdolazadeh, Westview Secondary

Up next is Day 5: Chocolate!!!

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