Five Types of People you Meet Studying Abroad

During a study and intern semester abroad, meeting new people will be unavoidable. Going to a different part of the world in more than just a tourist capacity will enable you to really learn what it’s like to live in another country- and that means making some personal connections along the way as well.

As you go dip your toes into a working and student life abroad, you may find yourself meeting some or all of the following people.

Read on to discover the five types of people you meet studying abroad.

The Person You Aspire to Be

5 types of people you meet studying abroad

This could be a co-worker, a boss, or even a professor. The minute you meet them, it’s as if the clouds have parted and angels have started to sing. Whenever you speak to this person, you are roundhouse kicked with inspiration. They embody everything you admire- from their perfect balance of astute professionalism and charismatic charm to their incredible work ethic and impressive track record of accomplishments.

You want to ask this person everything and anything about themselves and how they got to where they are. You’ll hang on to every word they speak, and go over those words often in your head later. Looking at them, you’ll feel a rush of adrenaline, because you’ll know that this is someone who you can be. You’ll often think about them in the future of your professional career as a source of inspiration.

The Daredevil

5 types of people you meet studying abroad

This person will boldly go where no one has gone before. They view the world as a playground, and the people in it as friends that have yet to be made. They live for adventure, and even better, they’ll grab your hand and take you with them. This person is the bridge to leaving your comfort zone. You'll admire their bravery and vivacious ‘jump-right-in’ attitude- first from afar, then right alongside them.

Soon, you’ll find yourself taking part in their adventures with them, even branching out and going on some of your own. Their attitude will rub off onto you and it won’t be long until you will be helping others embrace their adventurous side. You’ll watch this happen and laugh at this cycle, relishing how humans can help each other expand and grow in so many ways.

The Person Who Believes in You

5 types of people you meet studying abroad

Studying and/or interning abroad is a big step into a world away from your familiarities. Living in a new place and diving into a new workplace can make you feel vulnerable, sensitive, and emotional. There can be times when you’ll feel out of your depth, when you’ll question your capabilities, when you might just feel like giving up.

Not on this person’s watch.

This person is there for you when you need it, and is really, actually there. They are patient with you, and understand what you mean when you try to relay those emotions that seem to have no word in the English language to describe. You and this person have a supportive bond with each other that can only be built through shared new experiences within a realm of unfamiliarity. You help each other whenever either of you need it- whether it’s through a three hour heart to heart, or a night out to forget your worries.

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The Creative

5 types of people you meet studying abroad

This person will remind you to view the world through the scope of an artist as well as a professional and a student. They will teach you how to express yourself in your own unique way and through any medium. When you get caught up in the hustle of work and school, this person will show you the beauty in the colours of a sunset. When you are stressed and there is a backlog of frustration within you, this person will show you the cathartic release of art. When you are at a loss for words, this person will help you find them.

After meeting this person, you’ll never see the world the same. Landscapes become paintings, people become characters, and inspiration can stem from even the slightest change in the winds. You will become more sensitive because of this person- and because of this you will learn to feel more and internalise your experiences with thorough digestion.  

The Person You’ll Never Forget

5 types of people you meet studying abroad

Technically, this person could be any of the others on this list because the impact each of those will have on you will stick with you the rest of your life. But this person is different to the rest. This could be anyone you had even the remotest interaction with. Perhaps it was a taxi driver who told you his life story. Or maybe it was someone you never even spoke to- someone you only observed from afar and were fascinated by.

It could even be something simple that they did, like an act of kindness that they gave knowing they would not get anything in return. Simple things like this from strangers will have a lasting impact on you that you will often think about, even long after you’ve come back home.


5 types of people you meet studying abroad

You will most likely meet many people in your travels, but these ones will stick with you the most. They each have qualities that you will admire and that you might even adopt within yourself.

As you go on in life, travel more, work in different environments, and learn more about the world, you will find that growth comes not only with the experiences you have, but through the people you meet.

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