Day 10: From Uganda to Rwanda


Today we said goodbye to Uganda and headed into Rwanda! Although Uganda was amazing, it was interesting to see the immediate differences between the two countries as we crossed the border. The first thing I noticed was the cleanliness. Rwanda has extremely strict laws surrounding public aesthetics.


For example, here, plastic bags are banned to eliminate excess waste, and there's a specific day set aside at the end of each month for citizens to clean up their community. Compared to Uganda, where litter was a common sight, the contrast seemed even more enhanced. The people here are also more reserved than Ugandans, and the country is much more organized.

It was a shock to see people actually follow rules of the road here! Rwanda is said to be "the land of 1000 hills", which definitely proved to be an accurate description. As we crossed the border, I was amazed by the rolling hills and agriculture, making this a truly beautiful country. We're all excited to spend our last couple of days in Kigali, and finish off our trip in such an amazing place!

Claire Compagna, West Vancouver Secondary School

Photos by Ghazal Habib, Insight Program Director

Next up is Day 11 & 12: Kigali, Rwanda.

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