Day 9: Lake Bunyoni

We are 9 days into the program and it is safe to say that this experience has completely changed my views on what I thought Africa was like. Uganda is beautifully lush and unique in it's geography. The only thing that does not shock me is how exceptional the wildlife is here.

The locals are extremely friendly, I have never felt so welcomed into a foreign country. I have learned first hand how easily media can skew the image of a whole continent to appear unfortunate in every aspect. I never imagined that people would be so happy to see foreigners in their country.

They welcome you into their homes and communities to see how they are living because they are proud of what they have created for themselves. I expected for the locals to have a bit of animosity towards us and I thought maybe we would be a bit invasive at times, especially when visiting the slums. However, no matter where you are in this country you are most welcomed.


Today we spent the full day at Lake Bunyoni and it is a magical place. We are staying at the Lake Bunyoni Overland Resort right on the lake. We sleep in military grade tents on top  of high platforms with balconies overlooking  the lake and the view is so stunning.

This lake has 29 islands and is the only lake in Uganda that is fully safe to swim in so we definitely took advantage today. Tomorrow we are heading for Kigali, Rwanda to visit the genocide memorial. We are really excited to see such a sacred landmark in Rwanda before going home. I cannot believe how fast this trip has gone by, we are going to make the best of the next 3 days!

Mahsa Radvar, West Vancouver Secondary School

Photos by Ghazal Habib, Insight Program Director

Next up is Day 10: From Uganda to Rwanda.

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