Day 3: The Hot Springs and the Road to the Amazon

On our third day we woke up in the morning for a traditional Ecuadorean breakfast known as Umita. It was wrapped like corn but tasted like banana bread.

After breakfast, at around 8am, we finished packing our bags and loaded them onto the bus and headed off on a 2 hour drive to the beautiful hot springs known as Papallacta. When we first arrived we went on a 40 minute hike surrounded by trees and the smell of the plants followed by a downstream river from the mountains flowing beside us.  During the walk we could see the massive hills covered in green by all the of the trees.


When we finished our hike we went back to the bus, grabbed our bags and then headed into the change rooms to put on our bathing suits so we could enjoy the thermal baths. We were there for about an hour either relaxing in the heated pools or taking a risk and going into the freezing cold river water, located in one of the pools nearby. While relaxing we could enjoy the view of the mountains, which made everything more peaceful.


We then got back on the bus, and around an hour and a half later we stopped for about an hour for lunch then continued our 2 hour journey to the Amazon.

When we finally arrived at our lodge on the edge of the Amazon, the expressions everyone had were priceless. It was something none of us had ever seen before. Seeing different flowers with bright colours, surrounded by mini ponds and beautiful different types of trees and hearing all the different bugs, animals and birds.

Everything about this place is seriously indescribable, words can’t do it justice with how beautiful and peaceful it is here. Thankfully, we’ve got 3 full days here!

- Jamie Wiley, Westview Secondary

Next up is Day 4: Floating Down a River

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