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Daniela Experiences What It's Really Like To Work In Development

Daniela Quiroz was a 3rd year Health Science major at Simon Fraser Unversity when she participated in the Semester in Development in Uganda.

It had always been Daniela's dream to travel to Africa, and as she moved through university, she started to feel like she needed to gain some relevant field work experience abroad. It made sense for her to start looking into programs that would take her to Africa.

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Evan Discovers an Alternative Way to Visit East-Africa

Evan Mitchell Beck was a 3rd year political science and psychology student at Queens university when he participated in the Semester in Development in Uganda.

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Alisha Finds Clarity in Career Direction while Spending a Semester in Uganda

Alisha Bhimji was a 3rd year international development and globalization student at the University of Ottawa when she spent a semester gaining international development work experience in East Africa.  Read more

Nadine Breaks Out of Her Shell and Lands the Job She Always Wanted

Nadine Maier was a 4th year Arts Major at Simon Fraser University. With her degree coming to an end, she still didn't feel prepared for what was to come in the "real world." Understanding the importance of gaining career relevant experience, she applied to Semester in Development program and ended up spending 3 months studying, interning and traveling in Uganda.

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Jacob Gains New Perspectives on Development

Jacob Cutts was a 2nd year International Relations student from the Univeristy of British Columbia when he spent a semester in East Africa. Early on in his degree, Jacob recognized that it would be important for him to gain both internship and international experience, which is why he decided to participate in the Semester In Development.

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5 Reasons Why All Students Should Travel Abroad

Just 5 years ago I'd never left North America and the idea of travelling the world was just a dream. Now I've traveled around the globe to over 40 countries (across 6 continents) and I'd like to tell you why.

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