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How To Afford Travel As A Student

Spending time abroad is perhaps the most important thing you can do during your academic career. One of the saddest things I see is students who want to do it so badly, yet let financial constraints stop them. 

It's never the money, it's always the commitment. We're always committed to something. What matters is what we're committed to. I've seen students who were $5000 away, and who started with no idea of how they would raise the money, come up with the money because they were committed to finding a solution. I've also seen students who were literally less than $1000 away from coming up with what they need, give up, because they were committed to seeing the obstacles.

I've written this guide on how to afford travel as a student to help students to find ways to get themselves abroad before they graduate.

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Mama, I'm Fine: The Realities of Interning in Kampala

This blog was written by Sophia Okunsky, a Summer 2017 Semester in Development participant. It has been edited from its original version.

My traditional Eastern European parents have become immune to my constant desire to step outside my (and their) comfort zone and hop onto a plane to who knows where.

A couple of weeks prior to discovering the Semester in Development program, I broke the news to my lovely and supportive mother that I would be travelling to Nicaragua on yet another Alternative Spring Break trip. Her exact words, and I quote, were: “Next you’ll be telling me you’re going to Africa.” Read more

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