5 Questions to Ask Before Volunteering Abroad

As a university student it’s easy to fall into routines. Sometimes, it can feel like your life is a cycle of studying, exams, and lectures. So, naturally, when the prospect of volunteering abroad presents itself as an opportunity, jumping right into any oversea volunteer position can become a sort of knee-jerk reaction.

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How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock

We’re all familiar with the concept of culture shock. In the face of the unfamiliar, our pre-disposed values, perceptions, and ways of life are challenged. How we choose to deal with the uncomfortable feelings of culture shock can inherently change the way we view the world. But for those of us who go beyond the surface of travel, and involve ourselves deeply in a new and unfamiliar place, there inevitably comes the day when we return home.

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Top 10 Places International Development Students Should Go

As a student of international development, it's safe to say your career will take you to developing cities all over the world. So, we thought it would be worthy to explore the top 10 places international development students should go. (Though aspiring students and development professionals will also find this list handy as well.)

Please note this list has some personal biases. It’s also important to note that any travel should be thoroughly examined and carefully assessed prior to departure. While travelling and exploring the global south can be extremely enriching, especially for those considering a career in development, it is not without it's risks.

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10 Ted Talks Every International Development Student Should See

As a student of international development, you are are exposed to a wealth of knowledge on the topics of world issues, poverty, aid, and the global political economy. But reading heavily-worded academic papers night after night can be a burden, and all too often you find your eyes burning into the same line for 15 minutes straight without actually intaking any information. These nights often end with you falling asleep at your desk and drooling all over that 30-page peer-reviewed paper. 

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Career in Development

If you are like me, you probably have a lot of causes that are near and dear to you. You might have pursued international development with hopes of giving back to the world, only to be dissuaded by the harsh realities that are exposed by this academic field.

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Why Your Resume Needs International Experience

Are you almost done school and getting prepared to join the workforce? Nervous that you may not have the right combination of skills and experience that today’s employers are looking for? If so, join the crowd.

While we haven’t done any scientific research, we can assure you that more and more soon to be grads are weary, rather than excited, about their post-academic prospects.

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The Potential Perils Of Voluntourism

Back in 2012, I found myself in rural Uganda, visiting a series of schools in different communities that were coping with a variety of challenges. This was my second stint in Uganda, having previously been in the country researching the arrival of big oil.

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