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How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock

We’re all familiar with the concept of culture shock. In the face of the unfamiliar, our pre-disposed values, perceptions, and ways of life are challenged. How we choose to deal with the uncomfortable feelings of culture shock can inherently change the way we view the world. But for those of us who go beyond the surface of travel, and involve ourselves deeply in a new and unfamiliar place, there inevitably comes the day when we return home.

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3 Weekend Adventures in Uganda to Escape the City

Kampala is a lively city offering great food, dance-inducing live music, and an explosion of cultural events and festivals. But for the times you just need to escape the city, the rest of Uganda will not disappoint. With plenty of incredible options to satisfy your craving for nature and adventure, the ‘Pearl of Africa’ has a lot to offer. Here are some fun weekend adventures in Uganda to escape the city!

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Making the Most of Your Internship Abroad

Challenges and Strategies for Success in an International Internship

Interning abroad has its benefits: you develop professional skills, open yourself up to new job opportunities, gain new perspectives, learn about the world, and grow immensely as a person. However, working abroad isn’t without its challenges, and making the most of your internship abroad can sometimes be difficult. Not only are you starting a new job, but you are also thrown into entirely unfamiliar professional and societal environments.

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