10 Podcasts Every International Development Student Should Listen To

Podcasts are a great way to learn about new information and trends within topics of International Development. Here is a list of the top ten to check out:

10 podcasts every international development student should listen to

1) Global Development - The Guardian

Generally released once or twice per month, the Guardian focuses on a broad range topics surrounding international development, including education, gender, poverty, environment, and human rights. This podcast is a great way to learn about major themes and issues that occur globally. It features journalists, activists, NGOs, government officials, and other experts.

Listen to the Guardian's podcast here.

2) Global Dispatches

Hosted by Mark Leon Goldberg, the editor of the UN blog Global Dispatches, this podcast focuses on foreign policy and international affairs. This podcast features interviews with government representatives, journalists, civil rights activists, and academics among others to find out their worldview on topics of current events in the international community.

Take a look at Global Dispatches here.

3) Development Drums

This podcast “takes an in depth look at key issues in international development and global poverty.” Hosted by Owen Barder, the European Director at the Centre for Global Development, he speaks with people on a variety of different topics, including economics, gender, migration, accountability, and foreign affairs to name a few.

Click here to listen to Development Drums.

10 podcasts every international development student should listen to

4) Centre for Global Development

The Center for Global Development Podcast, hosted by CGD’s Senior Director of Communications and Policy Outreach Rajesh Mirchandani is another podcast featuring a wide range of topics in international development. These podcasts are a bit shorter and more casual, making it an easy listen for those who are often pressed for time.

Listen to what Rajesh has to say here.

5) Deeper than Data

Deeper than Data is a 6-part podcast series that explores the real-life stories behind important international development research.

Listen to the whole series here.

10 podcasts every international development student should listen to

6) Stratfor Podcast

This monthly podcast focuses on a range of topics and global trends, including geopolitics, international affairs, and economics among others. Stratfor gives a simplifying perspective to better understand the complexities of the world system.

Click here to explore this podcast.

7) Tiny Spark

Hosted by Amy Costello, an Emmy-nominated reporter and an adjunct professor at Columbia University, who describes the podcast as an “investigation of the business of doing good.” Topics include issues like development worker ethics and investigative reports regarding NGO funding. This podcast is another relatively short option, making it fairly easy to digest.

Listen to Costello's Tiny Spark here.

8) Africans Building Africa

Each episode interviews successful African entrepreneurs who share insights into their lives, how they came to be where they are now, and how they are contributing to the development of Africa.

Sift through the Africans building Africa here. 

10 podcasts international development students should listen to

9) The China in Africa Project

This is a weekly podcast hosted by veteran journalist Eric Olander and Dr. Cobus van Staden who discuss China’s increasing presence in Africa. They discuss topics including economy, infrastructure, media, language, power structures, migration, and commodities. Throughout the show, they host a variety of different local experts.

Listen to Eric and Dr. Cobus here.

10) WOLA Podcast

WOLA (Washington Office on Latin America) works with partners within Latin America and the Caribbean to promote human rights, democracy, and social justice. These monthly updates feature staff and local regional experts.

Look through WOLA's website and podcast here

With these 10 podcasts every international development student should listen to under your belt, you'll never find yourself lacking in stimulating material on that bus ride home! In fact, once your home, why not look through our list of top 10 Ted Talks for international development students to see!

*all podcasts are also available through iTunes

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