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How to Celebrate Holidays from Abroad: Expat Edition

Being away from your loved ones during the holiday season can be tough, and it can be especially difficult when you are studying or working abroad in a totally new culture and environment.

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Homesickness While Studying Abroad

Homesickness is different for every traveller. Some experience it the moment that they leave home, while for others it sneaks up after the initial high of their new destination has begun to wear off. Most students embarking on a study or work abroad program will experience homesickness at some point during their adventures, and it is important to remember that this is perfectly normal and manageable. This article shares some tips and coping mechanisms to help you battle homesickness while studying abroad.

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Best Restaurants in Kampala for Foodies

As someone whose job is to welcome students to the beautiful city of Kampala, Uganda in the heart of East Africa, I’ve noticed one common shock that newcomers experience when adjusting to life here: most people are surprised that there is so much amazing food!

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How to Travel East Africa on a Budget

While life in East Africa is considerably cheaper than in North America or Europe, many travellers find it becomes easy to change their normal spending habits to take advantage of low prices, and go over their budget as a result. Cheaper food can translate to more frequent meals out, affordable transport may overtake your usual walking habits, and being in an exciting and beautiful new region encourages travel opportunities that can collectively take a hit on your bank account. If you are a budget conscious traveller, here are some helpful tips on how to travel East Africa on a budget!


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Top 10 Things to Do in Kampala, Uganda

Kampala is the bustling capital city of Uganda, situated on Lake Victoria and spread out across rolling green hillsides. From the chaotic city centre, bursting with people, noise and movement, to the lush garden suburbs in the hills, Kampala has a diversity of activities and sites to offer. 

Having run the Semester in Development program in Uganda for the past four years, here are our recommendations for the top 10 things to do in Kampala.

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What to Expect from an International Internship

A Look into 3 Diverse Internships in Kampala, Uganda

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