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Engage Ecuador - The Worlds Largest Indigenous Market

Our day in Otavalo was jam packed with invigorating activities; including, visiting the nanda manachi, a weaving house, the famous Otavalo market, and finally we interacted with the nangulvi community.

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Engage Ecuador - Banos Town

It’s day 6 and today myself, and 10 others woke up in Banos, Ecuador for our last day in this incredible city. I woke up at 6AM and sat on the rooftop doing homework about what I have learned in Ecuador so far, while watching the sky flood with beautiful pinks and oranges.

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Engage Ecuador - Back to the Mountains

This morning we started the process of organizing and packing as we prepared to leave the Amazon. As much as we all longed to escape the humidity, large bugs and cold showers there was a senses of solidarity as we began to leave the place that had quickly become our home over the few days we spent there.

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Engage Ecuador - Our Last Day in the Amazon

Today was the final day in the Amazon and by far the busiest. Our day started very early, for most of us at 7:00am when we all gathered in the dinning room and had our breakfast.

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Engage Ecuador - In the Jungle

Today was our first full day in the Amazon. It was about 90% or more humidity and extremely hot! We started the day early with fruit salad (including oranges and tree tomato), scrambled egg, and a traditional pancake-like meal cooked in a palm leaf.

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Engage Ecuador - Into the Amazon

Today we woke up and enjoyed out last morning in Quito. We started off the morning with a great breakfast and then headed off to the local market to stock up on food for the long trip ahead of us. All of us then loaded on to the bus and headed off to Pappallacta, in the middle of the Andes mountains.

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Engage Ecuador: Quito

Engage Ecuador - Quito

We woke up groggy and covered in travel funk this morning ready to conquer the day. I’m Julia, one of the 12th grade students attending this trip. After months of endless work in my Global Education course I'd like to pretend I know what I’m talking about.

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